Pick up and Drop off

McCarver Elementary School – Arrival and Dismissal Guidelines

  • Drop-offs & pick-ups are in the loading zone on J Street.
  • Please help us maintain a safe arrival and dismissal process.  We recognize that some of our systems may be an inconvenience, but the intent is to keep students, families and staff safe.  We have worked closely with the Risk Management Office, The Tacoma Police Department and the City of Tacoma to develop the safest drop-off and pick-up system.

Morning Drop-Off

  • Doors open and breakfast begins NO EARLIER than 8:30 a.m. If children arrive prior to this time, we cannot guarantee supervision due to morning staff meetings and commitments.
  • We begin teaching promptly at 9:00.  If your child arrives late, they miss valuable core instruction time.  Please do all that you can to have them arrive on time.  If, however, they are late, they need to check in the office for a late note.  

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Please avoid early pickups.  Our teachers use every second for instruction.  Early dismissals cause students to miss out on critical information: homework expectations, lesson review and expectations for the next day.
  • All changes in busing / walking home must be submitted in writing 24 hours in advance to avoid error and the ensure student safety. Due to the safety of our students, NO CHANGES TO END OF DAY TRANSPORTATION PLANS AFTER 3:05 p.m.  
  • Please pick your student up promptly at 3:30 pm. 
  • Students remaining in the office at 4:00 p.m. will be referred to Tacoma Police Department & Child Protective Services.
pick up and drop off map